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MZG एडीएस उपकरणध;रक

2023-04-13MZG BT30 BT40 ADS Spring Collet Chuck Precision Toolholders for CNC Machining Milling Cutter1.MZG Milling Cutter Toolholder Item SpecificsMZG Milling Cutter Toolholder Specification Parameter2.MZG Milling Cutter Toolholder Product Photo3.MZG Miiling Cutter Toolholder Packing InfoMilling Cutter To..

MZG कोब;ल्ट ड्रिल बिट

2023-03-28MZG HSS Cobalt 1PC 13.0mm-35.0mm 1/2" Shank HSS High Speed Steel Drill Bits1.MZG Drill Bits Item SpecificsMZG Drill Bits Specification Parameter2.MZG Drill Bits Product PhotoThe HSS drilling color have balck and white.The all insert color is randomly delivered. Please inform us in advance if..

MZG 10PCS TNMG क;र्ब;इड ड;लें

2022-11-14MZG 10PC TNMG ZC25A ZC35A 160404 160408 CQ TM R-S L-S CNC Lathe Turning Tool Carbon Alloy Steel Machining  Carbide Insert1.MZG Tungsten Carbide Inserts Item SpecificsMZG Tungsten Carbide Inserts Specification Parameter2. Inserções de carboneto de tungstênio MZG Foto do produto 3.I..

एमजेडजी क;र्ब;इड

2022-10-08MZG 1PC PENTA Turning Tool PCHR Holder CNC Lathe Tungsten Carbide Stainless Steel Machining Metal Working Groove Cutting InsertsProduct ApplicationProduct Application:1. PENTA grooving and cutting blades are suitable for steel or stainless steel processing;2. Sharp blade, less resistance, enhanc..

MZG BT30-GSK10-60 BT30 ह;ई

2022-08-19MZG BT30-GSK10-60 BT30 वर्टिकल एंड मिल बोरिंग बार मिलिंग मशीनिंग टूल&..