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MZG कोबाल्ट ड्रिल बिट
2023-03-28 16:45:38 Source: Author: 【Big Medium Small】 Browse:10Times Comment:0Item

MZG HSS Cobalt 1PC 13.0mm-35.0mm 1/2" Shank HSS High Speed Steel Drill Bits

1.MZG Drill Bits Item Specifics

MZG Drill Bits Specification Parameter

2.MZG Drill Bits Product Photo

The HSS drilling color have balck and white.The all insert color is randomly delivered. Please inform us in advance if there is any special requirement.

3.MZG Drill Bits Packing Info

Drill Bits Packing Info

4.MZG Drill Bits Cutting Parameter

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